Tanniece Chinn

Tanniece Chinn is a second grade teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools, and a Fellow with Great Minds, providing professional development to teachers implementing the Wit & Wisdom English language arts curriculum.

Tanniece Chinn

Understanding Wit & Wisdom


Deep understanding of each module and the Wit & Wisdom approach will empower you to fully leverage the curriculum to foster students’...

Wit & Wisdom® Opening Minds through Hands-On Learning Opportunities

For the K–6 students in Springfield, Ohio, the Wit & Wisdom® curriculum is not only opening doors and windows to knowledge, it is also creating...

Three-Dimensional Teaching and Learning

As you prepare for the upcoming school year, we've pulled together some tips that will help you brush up on your teaching skills and explore news...

Science Should Not Be an Elementary School Elective: White Paper

Science education is consistently squeezed out of elementary school schedules. Distance and hybrid learning further threatens the time allocated...

Building A Reader's Oasis In A Book Desert

I've always been a bookworm. It's one reason I became an English teacher. Each year, one of my top goals is to share my love of books with my middle...

Reading Instruction: What's Missing, How to Fill in the Gaps

Educators have cause for concern. Only about a third of Grade 4 students are proficient readers. A disproportionate number of low-income students...

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