Tanniece Chinn

Tanniece Chinn is a second grade teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools, and a Fellow with Great Minds, providing professional development to teachers implementing the Wit & Wisdom English language arts curriculum.

Tanniece Chinn

Supporting Students with Dyslexia: An Educator and Parent Perspective

“Don’t just tell me the steps; I need to understand why and how it works.”—Anne to her math teacher

How to Engage Math Students in Discourse Using Great Minds Digital

During my days as a classroom teacher, I always planned my math lessons with an eye on ways to authentically engage my students in the lesson and...

Newspaper Spotlights the Need to Make Math Materials Readable for All Learners: One Student’s Impact on Eureka Math²

At Great Minds®, we take student voice seriously. Opportunities for students to engage in discourse about their learning appear across content...

North Carolina District Gets Spotlight for Literacy Efforts

It’s great to see Jackson County Public Schools get the attention it deserves for taking important steps to improve literacy education. The...

Fostering Scientific Discourse with the Driving Question Board

PhD Science® uses recurring anchor visuals throughout each module to help develop coherence and to collect and display evidence of students’ new...

Maximizing Middle School Instructional Time with Reading Homework

I remember flipping through the Wit & Wisdom® Teacher Edition for the first time six years ago. I relished the thoughtful organization and...

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