Early Adopter Continues to Make Progress with Wit & Wisdom®

Mad River Local Schools was one of the first districts to adopt Wit & Wisdom®, the English language arts curriculum from Great Minds®. Now in its...

Even after Initial Gains, Elementary School Leaders Increase Investments in Professional Development


1,320 students

Grades K–5 adopted Eureka Math in School Year 2017–2018

Students at Legacy Early College Charter School, a...

District Continues to Outpace the State Average. Progress Continues into 2019.

DISTRICT PROFILE Schools: 11 Students: 6,300 72% low-income

Adopted Eureka Math in Grades 3–5 in School Year 2015–2016

This small school...

Scores Up for Students—and for Teachers Too

Trust the process.

That is Jared Myracle’s advice for educators using Eureka Math® and, not coincidentally, the hashtag he uses on all of his...

Students Gain with Engaging Content

Center City Public Charter Schools (PCS) opened in 2008 as the first Catholic-to-charter school conversion in the United States. It is...

Engaging, Relevant Lessons Lead to Achievement Gains

When did the leaders of Brooklyn Charter School know that Wit & Wisdom® was having an impact beyond the impressive gains in achievement test...

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