What Inspires Students to Love Reading? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the definition of volume of reading as well as why volume of reading is critical to building students’...

What Inspires Students to Love Reading? (Part 1)

What exactly is a volume of reading? If you put the day’s schedule on the board for students to read, is that a volume of reading? Is reading a...

Problem Sets: Time Frame Not Task Frame


What do we all need more of? TIME! Whether it is time to finish projects in our personal or professional lives, I don’t think I...

The Value of Think Time


As teachers we are pressed for time. We have what seems like a week’s worth of material in front of us and only an hour to teach it....

The Progression Of Grade 4 Modules


The Progression of Grade 7 Modules

This blog examines the Grade 7 Modules in A Story of Ratios. Consider the following as an example of the intentional trajectory of the Grade 7...

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