Principal Values Wit & Wisdom® as Part of Her School's Approach to Addressing Racism

Under the leadership of principal Julissa Lambert-Yank, Acorn Woodland Elementary School in Oakland, California is using the Wit & Wisdom® English...

Grassroots Effort Spurs Excellence Outside Wichita

Angela Knapp recalls her anxiety when the Maize Unified School District 266 school board was getting ready to vote in 2017 about whether to adopt ...

Thoughtful Wit & Wisdom® Implementation Has Been Key to Buy-In and Success

Talk about commitment.  

The four Grade 3 teachers at Grass Valley Elementary School in Humboldt County, Nevada, meet at lunch every day to plan...

After Early Success in Grade 3, Other Teachers Wanted Wit & Wisdom® for Their Students Too

Shawn Kimble, superintendent of rural Lauderdale County Schools northwest of Memphis, was planning to roll out Wit & Wisdom® one grade at a time....

LA Schools Make Double-Digit Gains with Eureka Math


18 schools: 9 elementary, 4 middle, 5 high school

13,500 students

100% low-income

Most elementary schools adopted ...

Rural School Posts Major Gains in English Language Arts with Wit & Wisdom®

Angela Patzer remembers the day she realized that Linford Elementary School’s new English language arts curriculum, Wit & Wisdom®, was having a...

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