Making the Shift to a Content-Focused Curriculum

When it came time to select a new English language arts curriculum during the 2019–2020 school year, educators at Clayton Elementary School in...

Eureka Math in Sync Gives Teachers More Time to Work With Students

Teachers are always learning. Teaching during the pandemic brought Jen VanDragt new insights about her third and fourth grade students. They are...

Read-Draw-Write: Making Word Problems Less Problematic

Students need a better approach to word problems than just key words.

The Struggle is Real (and Productive)

When your students struggle, your instinct may be to jump in and help them. That’s natural. You care about your students, and you don’t want to...

Unmasking Tape: Diagrams Reveal Underlying Mathematics

A tape diagram is a pictorial model students can draw to represent a mathematical relationship or to develop understanding of a math concept. Tape...

In Math Instruction, Words Are Just as Important as Numbers

When working with students, choose language that communicates a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset.

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