Knowledge_On-The-Go_Grade-KGrade K Module 4 Lesson 12

Do you see the 5 hiding in 6, 7, and 8? Join Mr. Hammer for this lesson as we use cubes and 5 group mats to find a new pattern! For this lesson, you’ll need eight objects that students can move around and count, along with a pencil and paper or whiteboard and dry erase marker and one marker or crayon. If you have access to a workbook, or a printer, we also suggest accessing the Problem Set and lesson templates available using the links below the video.


Student downloads

Problem Set
Grupo de problemas

5-Group on the Dot Path Fluency Template
Grupo de 5 en el Camino de Puntos Plantilla de Fluidez 1

Two 5-Group Mat
Dos Gráficas de Grupo de 5

Homework Helper
Ayuda para la tarea

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