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Eureka Math²™ includes print and digital materials as well as math manipulatives to provide students with varying learning opportunities. Through a consistent use of models, coherent lessons that build over modules and levels, and an engaging digital experience that provides more moments of discovery, Eureka Math² taps into every student’s exponential power to learn and achieve greatness.

"Eureka Math2 builds confidence and joy as students uncover math within their own observations and wonderings, revealing connections that light up their world and math itself."

– Jill Diniz, Chief Academic Officer, Math

    See why Eureka Math2 is exponentially greater than any math curriculum ever before.



    When teachers feel prepared and well-versed in the curricula, students thrive. 

    The Teach book is the Teacher Edition that shares the module overview, lesson planning notes, and margin notes on scaffolding and differentiation to support classroom instruction.   

    • Lesson at a Glance is a snapshot framed through what students should know, understand, and do while engaging with the lesson.
    • The Module Overview  and the Why section provide insight on the mathematics and the flow of content so coherence between all parts of the curriculum are clearly visible to teachers.   
    •  Lessons follow a consistent structure of Fluency, Launch, Learn, and Land, preparing students by activating prior knowledge, providing an accessible entry point for all students with low-floor/high-ceiling activities, and culminating in a discussion and Exit Ticket that serves as a window to student understanding so teachers can make instructional decisions.


    Current research recognizes that learner variance is the norm rather than the exception.   

    The Learn book is the Student Edition, intentionally designed to be accessible by simplifying language and embracing the principles of Universal Design for Learning so every child can access rich mathematical content.

    • Lessons are designed to be readable with an emphasis on syntax, semantics, decodability, visual supports, and student-friendly page layout.
    • Problem Sets encourage independent practice, with problems organized from simple to complex, so all students can engage in productive struggle that builds knowledge.   
    • Exit Tickets allow students to show what they know, allowing teachers to gauge how best to adjust instruction.

    Family Engagement2

     Now more than ever, families are looking to educators for guidance on how to supplement and support their children’s learning at home.  

    The Apply book gives Level 1–5 students more opportunities to practice alongside the adults in their homes to build an enduring understanding of math. 

    • Family Math is a letter describing the concepts learned in class so adults at home can support and engage in their child's learning. Simple at-home activities extend learning and help students see mathematics in their world. 
    • Additional Practice provide periodic practice so students solidify their conceptual understanding and procedural skills, transfer knowledge to new applications, and build fluency
    • Practice Partners take students through the thinking of a hypothetical "partner" who is solving problems similar to the Additional Practice, allowing students to experience different ways to approach and unpack a problem.


    Math That Invites Every Child In

    The beauty of math is all around us. It powers our world and makes sense of our very existence. Math is profoundly human, and yet for so many students, it seems inaccessible.

    Math Past brings to life the relationship between mathematics and our lives by telling the history of some big ideas that shape the mathematics in the module. Through artifacts, discoveries, and other contributions from cultures around the world, children can see math as a human endeavor that links our history to their lives.


    Eureka Math2 Print Materials

    Click on the book covers to view samples of our Teach, Learn, and Apply books for Grade 3.

    Eureka Math Squared - Teach


    Eureka Math Squared - Learn


    Eureka Math Squared - Apply


    Eureka Math2-Module-Map-ImageAdditional Levels will be added as they are developed.


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