Across Oceans, Geodes Make the Grade

Geodes® books are across the pond. Really far across the pond—8,436 miles from creator Great Minds® headquarters in Washington, D.C., to Chiang...

Geodes® Help Students Cross the Bridge to Learning

In Geodes®, Ann King has finally found what she’s been after for the last 15 years for her students with dyslexia: a set of texts they can read...

Early Adopter Finds Geodes Align Perfectly with Research

The first thing teachers notice and love about Geodes® is the quality of the materials. “The texture of the books. The illustrations. These feel...

"Reading to Learn" in Grade 1, Thanks to Geodes®

The conventional wisdom says that students learn to read, and then they read to learn. 

Using Geodes® to Promote Educational Equity

For Katie Ellis, the Geodes® library is more than an early literacy program. It’s a way to promote equity for students who have historically been...

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