Free Webinar for Educators

A New Approach to
Early Literacy

Address Early Literacy and Unfinished Learning with Geodes®


Building Lifelong Readers Across the Country

In the wake of COVID-19 school closures, levels of unfinished learning among students have grown exponentially, particularly in the area of literacy.

How can educators ensure emerging readers are provided the high-quality materials they need to become proficient readers?

Introducing Geodes®, a new approach to early literacy from Great Minds® that provides beginning readers the opportunity to learn how to read while reading to learn. Geodes® are rich with facts and ideas that spark students’ curiosity about the world around them.   

Hear from our content expert, Lorraine Griffith, Senior Content Architect for Humanities at Great Minds, about:

  • how Geodes unite phonics with compelling content and beautiful art,

  • how Geodes couple specific decoding skills with content and vocabulary,

  • the support offered for educators, students, and students' families, and

  • how to bring Geodes to your school or district.


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