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Introducing Geodes

A new collection of accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers

Early readers crave books that inspire and fascinate. Great Minds® and Wilson Language Training collaborated to create a new approach to early literacy. Geodes™ combine carefully selected words with highly engaging content to create an authentic reading experience, empowering students to apply decoding skills while building knowledge about important ideas.

Geodes Readables



Designed to be highly readable for emerging and developing readers, each book is at least 80 percent decodable as aligned with the scope and sequence of Wilson Fundations®—a structured reading and spelling curriculum. Geodes allow young readers to encounter familiar phonetic concepts and sight words in authentic text, building student confidence and promoting reading independence.



Geodes honor the natural curiosity of children by providing authentic reading experiences. As students engage with a variety of compelling literary and informational books, they build good reading habits that will last a lifetime. Beautiful illustrations and photographs enrich and expand on the text—which gradually integrates newly learned phonetic concepts, allowing sentences to retain a natural flow.



Students read books on varied content areas to build background knowledge and vocabulary. Grounded in the content of Wit & Wisdom®, each module includes 16 grade-level appropriate books centered on an engaging subject. Through a variety of genres and perspectives, Geodes offer a range of entry points to enhance and expand on the topic, developing curiosity and motivation. 


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