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The Power Of High-Quality Curricula For Students With Dyslexia.

"I'm asking you to consider the novel idea that there could be a core curriculum that teaches writing, vocabulary, grammar, and more as effectively to students who are dyslexic as to striving readers."

Lynne Munson, CEO and Founder

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Inspiration for high-quality curricula for all


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Proof that curriculum matters


Great Minds Partnership with the International Dyslexia Association

2020 IDA Virtual Conference

Watch LauraMarie Coleman's video from this year's conference regarding how to support dyslexia in mathematics.

2019 IDA Conference

Read Lynne Munson’s remarks at a panel with author Natalie Wexler and reading practitioner Robin Hegner.

2018 IDA Conference

Prepared Remarks of Lynne Munson on her presentation “How All Children Can Realize Their Potential: The View of a Curriculum Developer and Parent of a Child with Dyslexia”


Old Painting, New Ideas

My daughter is bright, creative, and loves history.  She’s intellectually curious.   She’s also dyslexic. That meant for a frustrating school experience.  She had to leave the classroom for special...

How to Use Visual Art to Build Literacy

Before becoming an elementary school teacher, I was an art educator at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. My goal was to make modern art accessible to children from the far reaches of the five...

In The News

CBS Sunday Morning looks at what dyslexia is and is not.

Learn how researchers who say one in five children they studied was dyslexic have also found there is no link at all between dyslexia and intelligence.

The Little Things Teachers Do Every Day Are Actually Big Things: How to Retain Them During Virtual Learning

Teachers can take some simple steps to help students with dyslexia succeed in a virtual learning environment.

What do homerun hitters and students with Dyslexia have in common?

Learn how to provide students the tools they need to hit a home run with learning.

Teachers Are Working So Hard This Year, But Students With Disabilities Need More

I am a special education teacher with 17 years of experience in the classroom and a parent of two children with dyslexia.

If You Want to Know What Works for Students With Dyslexia, Ask Them

Imagine you are a mature, intelligent middle-school student who finds it difficult to write anything—numbers or letters.

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