Knowledge_On-The-Go_Grade-KGrade K Module 5 Lesson 9

Let’s model teen numbers by drawing them! Join Mr. Hammer for this lesson as we model teen numbers by using double 10-frames and by drawing teen numbers and circling 10 ones. For this lesson, you’ll need a pencil and paper as well as a few markers for the Problem Set. If you have access to a printer, we also suggest accessing the Problem Set, double 10-frame, 5-Group Cards, and Hide Zero 10 card using the links below the video.




Student & Family downloads

Problem Set
Grupo de problemas

5-Group Cards
Tarjetas de Grupos de 5

Hide Zero 10 Card
Tarjeta de Esconder cero de diez

Double 10-Frame
Cuadro Doble de 10 Espacios

Homework Helper
Ayuda para la tarea