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“As a native Texan, I’m proud to see the state’s commitment to high-quality instructional materials, especially at this unique time in the history of education. The TEKS outline high standards for Texas students. Eureka Math TEKS Edition will make those standards accessible to all while bringing joy and wonder to students.”
—Jill Diniz, Chief Academic Officer, Math



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Overview of Eureka Math TEKS Edition


Eureka Math®—the most widely used math curriculum in the United States—fundamentally changed what math instruction looked like in classrooms across the country. It is now being adapted to fully align with the TEKS and, in partnership with TEA through its Texas Home Learning initiative, will be available as an open education resource for all schools and districts in the state.

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Eureka Math® TEKS Edition is being built specifically for Texas. Crafted by teachers and math scholars, the instructional materials carefully sequence mathematical progressions to maximize coherence across grade levels—the most effective approach to helping students master mathematical concepts. It will help teachers deliver unparalleled math instruction and set students up for joyful and inspiring aha moments, lesson after lesson, year after year.

In response to the pandemic, Great Minds® is creating Eureka Math in Sync TEKS Edition, an innovative continuous learning program designed to help teachers continue rich math education from anywhere, at any time, so students don’t fall behind on mastering crucial mathematical concepts.

Eureka Math in Sync TEKS Edition is being created specifically to meet the needs of today’s hybrid and virtual learning environments, allowing students and teachers to access the Eureka Math TEKS Edition materials wherever, whenever. Eureka Math in Sync TEKS Edition includes short, digestible videos for each lesson along with downloadable and fillable PDFs so students can show their work and communicate with teachers via annotations and comments. From hands-on learning in the classroom one day to at-home lessons the next, instruction is seamless, no matter how the educational landscape changes.


Learn more about Eureka Math TEKS Edition standards coverage.

View the yearlong scope and sequence for Eureka Math TEKS Edition.

Eureka MathEureka Math


Daily video lessons are designed to meet the needs of a virtual learning environment so students always have access to high-quality instructional materials.

All video lessons will be available in English and Spanish as part of Eureka Math in Sync TEKS Edition.





Program Materials and Support

For Teachers

Digital Teacher Edition
Complete lesson plans with appropriate scaffolding, all materials in the Student Edition workbook, and answers to each problem and assessment item

Learn Anywhere Plan
A comprehensive plan that guides teachers through proper instructional pacing in hybrid and virtual learning environments and provides additional support for toggling between them

Eureka Math TEKS Edition User Guide
A teacher guide for Eureka Math in Sync™ that helps support curriculum implementation

Topic Facilitation Slides 
Slide decks that include topic-specific content to support the recommended online or in-person facilitated instruction

Discussion-Based Assessment Materials
A bank of questions aligned to tasks on the Mid-Module and End-of-Module Assessments that allow teachers to dig deeper into student thinking through one-on-one conversations



For Students

(available in English and Spanish)

Digital Student Edition
Digital classwork, including fillable PDFs, that can be printed for home or class use or completed online

Daily Video Lessons
Segments of Eureka Math TEKS Edition lessons taught by experienced math teachers to support classroom teacher instruction, not replace it

Family Tip Sheets
Topic-level strategies, models, key vocabulary, and tips to help families support learning at home


Eureka Math EquipTEKS Edition

Eureka Math Equip TEKS Edition includes digital, adaptive premodule assessments and a suite of resources to help teachers address unfinished learning by giving students access to grade-level content while seamlessly bridging gaps in prerequisite knowledge.

  • Premodule assessments use branch logic to create a custom question path for each student to pinpoint conceptual gaps and misunderstandings.
  • Assessment reporting provides whole-class and individual student data so educators can create learning groups of students with similar needs.
  • Consolidated lessons draw on content from previous grades to help students close knowledge gaps.
  • Pacing guidance helps teachers get students caught up while continuing with grade-level work—without having to add instructional days.
Eureka Math Equip




Our Implementation Workshop Series consists of three 90-minute sessions for educators and leaders who will facilitate and support the use of Eureka Math TEKS Edition. 



The Getting Started video is for educators who are reviewing or planning to use Eureka Math TEKS Edition.