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Every student is capable of greatness. Yet we also know that students come to us with various learning needs and sometimes with learning gaps. The challenge is breaking the cycle of multiyear gaps in content knowledge that keep students working below grade level without making students feel labeled as slow learners.

If you’re looking to address this challenge, engage yourself or your professional learning community (PLC) in a study of the webinar Math with Dignity: Access for Students with Gaps in Knowledge. The webinar demonstrates how one district used the intentional design of Eureka Math to provide students with necessary foundational skills and access points for grade-level content.

Webinar Overview

Math with Dignity: Access for Students with Gaps in Knowledge

How do you create instruction for elementary and middle school students who have significant gaps in math content knowledge? This free webinar provides educators with a process that helps students acquire necessary foundational skills while successfully engaging with the same math as their peers. The process allows students to build a bridge from their last points of success to current grade-level content.

The webinar focuses on three areas:

  • How can teachers plan weekly instruction to provide all students access to grade-level content?
  • How can teachers use the learning progressions to connect students’ prior knowledge with grade-level content?
  • How can teachers adapt lesson materials to appropriately scaffold instruction and head off unproductive struggles for students?

Study Questions

The webinar highlights just one example of how one district built a bridge for its students. As your PLC discusses the webinar or as you engage in individual reflection, think about the needs of your students and the structure of your classroom with respect to the process shared in the webinar.

Here are some questions to think about as you consider how you can use each step of the process to support your students.

  • How will you plan instruction to give all students access to grade-level content?
  • How will you connect prior knowledge with grade-level content?
  • How will you scaffold instruction to meet your students’ needs?
  • How will you reduce unproductive struggles for your students?
  • What modifications to this model are necessary to meet the needs of your students?


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