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Are you an educator or administrator who has seen the positive impact Eureka Math® has on your students? Or maybe you’re coaching other teachers and want to expand your influence beyond the four walls of your school. If so, consider joining the Great Minds® team as a part-time professional development facilitator in our Seasonal Associate and/or Fellows programs.

What will you do as a Seasonal Associate?

Seasonal Associates facilitate professional development for teachers all over the country throughout the summer. You’ll deliver professional development sessions, deepen your understanding of mathematics, and become more expert with the Eureka Math curriculum—all while training other educators to help boost student achievement beyond your school and district. In addition, Great Minds will compensate you with a stipend for your work.

"I would describe my growth as being profound. I have learned so much since first coming onboard, not only with what I learned in the training I have received from the Great Minds leads, but also from my Fellows colleagues."

Camille Massay,  Eureka Math Fellow

Special Education and Student Support Department Chair, KIPP Schools, Metro Atlanta


"Being able to facilitate virtual PD allowed me to have a leg up when teaching my students virtually!"

Jennifer Gonzales, Eureka Math Fellow

High School Mathematics Teacher, Higley Unified School District, Gilbert, AZ


What is a Eureka Math Fellow? 

As a Eureka Math Fellow, you enter into a job-share agreement between your school district and Great Minds. A portion of your time is spent in your school district, and another portion is spent facilitating professional development for Eureka Math during the school year.

Great Minds works with you and your district to agree on how to share your time. For example, you might have an 80/20 split in which 80% of your contracted time is spent in your school district and 20% is spent facilitating professional development for Eureka Math. Great Minds covers the percentage of your salary commensurate with the time you work for us. During your noncontracted time, you can also accept work with Great Minds as a Seasonal Associate.

“It was a win for me and a win for my school. I was able to learn and collaborate with others from around the nation and bring it back to my school.”

Kurt Stielow, Eureka Math Fellow

Dean of Academics, St. Marcus Lutheran School, Milwaukee, WI


As a Fellow, you get all the benefits of a Seasonal Associate. You also get ongoing support throughout the school year for your individual professional development with mathematics and the Eureka Math curriculum. Further, you’ll expand your professional network and enjoy the support and camaraderie of your Fellows cohort.

What’s in it for your school district?

School districts find that their Eureka Math Fellows bring an extraordinary level of expertise back to their students and colleagues. Districts can have their Fellows deliver formal Eureka Math professional development sessions in the district at no cost. Fellows also support district-level planning as resident Eureka Math curriculum experts.

“A big benefit for our district was being able to tap into the knowledge gained by our Eureka Math Fellows as a thought partner for planning and professional development purposes. The Fellows’ facilitation and pedagogical skills and knowledge gained from the process directly impacted our entire district.

Kelley Boynton, Eureka Math Fellow

Executive Director of Elementary Schools, Bethel School District, Bethel, WA


How do I apply?

You can read the job description and apply from the Great Minds website on our Career Opportunities page. The application window is typically in October and November of each year. This year, the application deadline is December 1, 2020.

If you’re wondering whether a Fellows position might be a good fit for you, have a conversation with the decision makers in your district. Be sure to ask if they would support a partnership and how they might plan for your absence during the school year. If a Fellows contract isn’t a good fit for either you or your district at this time, consider applying for our Seasonal Associate program instead!

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