Gaining a Profound Understanding of the Value of Pi


On the fourteenth day of the third month of each year, teachers and students all over the country celebrate what has become known as ...

Growing Up Good at Math

“When did you get so good at math?” I asked my 12-year-old son, Tucker, and he couldn’t contain his smile.

How to Promote a Deeper Understanding of Place Value


When I was a second grader, I thought place value was fairly dull.

Comparison of Fractions — Beyond Common Denominators


Given two fractions, how do we compare them? As a young student, the way I learned to compare fractions was to use the strategy of...

Examining Student Work for Measurement Division


Traditionally speaking, most schools in the United States teach division of fractions procedurally. Students learn the method, but never...

The Statistical Project: Student-directed Discovery

Young children are passionate and excited as they discover and explore their world. Look at the child pictured below. A snack became an exciting...



How far is the moon?

Imagine staring up at the moon on a spring evening and wondering, “how far away is the moon?” What would you do to figure out how far away it is?...

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