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What's Next: Eureka Math²

Kevin Davis

by Kevin Davis

October 15, 2021
What's Next: Eureka Math²

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From my days as a teacher in New York State, I remember the excitement that came with the launch of EngageNY Math/Eureka Math® curriculum. It was released into the eager hands of educators just over 10 years ago and quickly became the most widely used curriculum in the country. Now, as an implementation leader for Great Minds®, the company that created Eureka Math, I get to experience the joyful response to the release of our brand-new Eureka Math2™ curriculum. Early-access schools are implementing Eureka Math2 during the 2021–2022 school year, and I am thrilled to support some of these early adopters. The new curriculum will be available for all schools starting with the 2022–2023 school year. Let me tell you about four things the educators I work with are excited about.


Eureka Math2 educators rave about its teachability. Streamlined materials allow teachers to plan more efficiently and to focus their energy on delivering high-quality instruction that meets the individual needs of their students. Differentiation suggestions, slide decks, digital interactives, and multiple forms of assessment are just a few of the resources built right into the teacher materials. The consistent design across lessons, modules, and grade levels, as well as easy-to-access teacher resources, maximize the curriculum's teachability. 


Eureka Math2 incorporates Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles so all learners can access the mathematics and take on challenging math concepts. Student supports are built into the instructional design and are clearly identified for teachers in the Teach book. Further, the curriculum carries a focus on readability. Eliminating unnecessary words, increasing clarity, and shortening sentences makes Eureka Math2 one of the most readable mathematics curricula on the market. Everything about its design, including the mathematical tasks, the vocabulary, and the layout of the student pages, makes Eureka Math2 accessible for all students.


Eureka Math2 helps students see themselves as mathematical thinkers and doers who are fully capable of owning their mathematics learning. Accessible lessons allow all students to participate in lively and meaningful mathematical conversations. Digital lessons and videos provide opportunities for students to wonder, explore, and make sense of mathematics. Eureka Math2 sparks interest and curiosity so that students develop a strong, positive mathematical identify. 

Digital Engagement

The digital elements of Eureka Math2 add to students' engagement with the math. The curriculum provides teachers with digital slides for each lesson. In addition, each grade level includes wordless videos that spark students' interest and curiosity. Students at all levels work through mathematical explorations that lead to their own mathematical discoveries. 

Keep an eye on Great Minds and this blog space to learn more about Eureka Math2I'm confident you'll be as excited about this new math curriculum as I am. 

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