Why Math Journals are a Tool You Should Use in Your Classroom

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Nell McAnelly has some can’t-miss advice in Edutopia. In a recent blog post, she explains why teachers should empower students to use journals as part of math instruction.

As McAnelly explains, journals are more commonly used in other content areas, like English language arts classes or in science labs. But in a math class, a journal is a great way for students to express and clarify their thinking, work out problems, and get practice with diagrams and charts.

As McAnelly explains, “Sometimes, as educators and parents, we look for that shiny new thing to help propel children’s learning. With journaling, we’re using something tried and true and applying it in math class.”

She shares some tips for getting started.

  • Create a cover or title page with the subject, name of the student, and room for the student to decorate and personalize the journal.
  • Leave room, such as in the margins or one side of the page, for feedback or edits to a journal entry.
  • Include titles and dates for each topic in the journal.
  • Create a table of contents. That way, over time, students will be able to locate a problem or reflection.

If your classroom is entirely digital, try leveraging tech tools to journal with your students. They can work a problem or draw diagrams on tablets and take photos and upload them as part of a digital journal entry.

There is flexibility in math journaling, so give it a try with your students. As McAnelly says, you’ll soon see the benefits.

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