Great Minds® has designed a range of professional development resources to support schools and districts as they implement Eureka Math. Created by our team of teacher–writers, these resources demonstrate the same careful attention to coherence that characterizes the curriculum as a whole.



Great Minds hosts multiday Institutes and Knowledge Summits across the country throughout the school year. Sessions are led by a team of educator–facilitators who have deep expertise in Eureka Math. 





Regional Open Enrollment events bring PD to those unable to attend National Institutes. Hosted by a local district, educators engage in learning alongside a regional peer community. Contact our team about hosting and scheduling criteria.




Local educators gather in their district to collaborate with our trainers. A district or school works with our team to select a session that supports educators’ needs.



The Eureka Digital Suite and Teacher Resource Pack provide educators with on-demand support such as pacing guides, curriculum maps, and lesson-specific videos to help with daily instruction. Learn more about how to access these resources here. We also host webinars throughout the year, many of which are available here



The Eureka Math team has crafted a multiyear sequence to support educators. We recommend that early implementers participate in foundational sessions—the essential coursework anyone implementing Eureka Math or EngageNY Math should experience. Seasoned practitioners who want to pursue more advanced topics should participate in sustaining courses that are designed to strengthen existing implementations and deepen understanding of the curriculum. Please note: On-Site Coaching is only available during the school year as it incorporates classroom observations and coaching during instructional time.  



To learn more about the in-person sessions Eureka Math offers, click the session titles below for a quick summary of each session and a link to its agenda. Each session is a full day of learning and is offered in grade-band cohorts. 

Lead Eureka Math (Administrators)

Grade Band: K-12

Session Agenda

This two-day session is designed for administrators. It is a balance of study, experiential learning, analysis, and practice. The session covers important topics that will help administrators support successful implementations of Eureka Math. It is targeted for newer adoptions but still beneficial for existing users.

Launch Eureka Math

Grade Bands: K-5, 6-12

Grades K-5 Session Agenda
Grades 6-12 Session Agenda

This session prepares new users to implement Eureka Math successfully. Educators explore the curriculum to understand how the learning design and lessons build a comprehensive and coherent understanding of mathematics.

Focus on Fluency

Grade Bands: K-5, 6-8

Grades K-5 Session Agenda
Grades 6-8 Session Agenda

In this session, educators spend most of their time practicing fluency exercises. Participants learn more about the curriculum's instructional tools that support students' fluency.

Preparation & Customization

Grade Bands: K-5, 6-12

Grades K-5 Session Agenda
Grades 6-12 Session Agenda

The purpose of this full-day session is threefold: to empower teachers to discern the decisions inherent in each Eureka Math lesson, to study the curriculum's teaching sequences, and to prepare teachers to customize lessons to meet the needs of their students.

Major Work of The Grade Band

Grade Bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Grades K-2 Session Agenda
Grades 3-5 Session Agenda
Grades 6-8 Session Agenda

Educators already implementing the curriculum deepen their understanding of the fundamental mathematics instruction within and across grade bands. Participants study Problem Sets, analyze teaching sequences, deliver lesson segments, practice fluency activities, and model with mathematics.

Solving Word Problems

Grade Bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Grades K-2 Session Agenda
Grades 3-5 Session Agenda
Grades 6-8 Session Agenda

In this session, participants learn how to effectively model and teach word problems by using math drawings. The study and practice of solving word problems further reveals the coherence of the curriculum and how this mathematical model supports student learning across the grades.


Grade Bands: All Grades

On-site coaching provides an opportunity for a large group of district educators to collaborate with our trainers during the school year. Choose from a selected set of topics, including guided observations and sample lessons.


If you have questions about any of our PD sessions or need guidance with registering a group of educators for one of our Institutes, please contact our PD Services Team at