In this moment and always, Great Minds® remains focused on one of the most powerful ways to dismantle racism: challenging educational inequities with knowledge-rich solutions for every student, every day. We are educators on a mission to flood classrooms with powerful antidotes to racism: knowledge and intellectual curiosity. That includes examining not only fractions, functions, and phenomena, but also the struggle for equity.

Great Minds confronts injustice by standing with fellow educators who insist that every child in America be taught to the highest standards. We know that all children deserve to go into the world fortified with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to chart their own course to change the world. And our curricula are specifically designed to achieve that end.

Yet we realize that a knowledge-rich curriculum is just the beginning. Great Minds does not tolerate racism in any form. We commit to our Black coworkers and partners to continue a thoughtful, challenging dialogue about race. We commit to engaging as a team to continuously increase the equity and inclusiveness of our work together. We commit to fighting, every day, for what we know is true: Every child is capable of greatness.

Great Minds Leadership Team