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Texas educators understand that no matter what the upcoming year holds, students and their families deserve the best. The Texas Education Agency has chosen Great Minds® to develop high-quality math and science instructional materials for Grades K–5 through its Texas Home Learning initiative. Completely optional and free for Texas school systems, these fully TEKS-aligned resources can be used in part or in whole to help students continue to build knowledge in the classroom, at home, or wherever learning takes place. 



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Built for Texas

Eureka Math® TEKS Edition and PhD Science® TEKS Edition, are the first programs being built specifically for all Texas students K–5 that are designed to meet the moment. Each program will undergo a rigorous review process including Texas teachers to ensure that students build enduring knowledge in math and science while meeting all of the TEKS requirements for each grade level.

At Great Minds we believe all children are capable of greatness. Through high-quality instructional materials we help students build math fluency and scientific literacy to help them achieve it. 


  • Cultivate enduring knowledge—not just skills—by layering background knowledge lesson to lesson
  • Foster a questioning spirit and original thought through a pedagogical shift where teachers facilitate the learning, but students own it
  • Create multiple access points for learning for every student in every moment

Ready for Every Moment

Eureka Math TEKS Edition and PhD Science TEKS Edition are being designed as coherent, knowledge-building instructional materials that will provide the supports all learners need to succeed. When complemented by our suite of continuous learning resources, all easily accessible on the Great Minds in Sync™ platform, learning will continue no matter where students are.

With Eureka Math in Sync TEKS Edition and PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition, continuous learning will be possible—and unstoppable.

  • Teachers toggle seamlessly from classroom instruction to distance learning without sacrificing coherence
  • Students continue building knowledge anywhere, at any time
  • Families receive the support needed to help their students continue to build knowledge at home


For more information or to roster your whole class, school, or district, schedule a call.


School and District Access


Eureka Math TEKS Edition

Great Minds is developing Eureka Math TEKS Edition to deliver unparalleled math instruction to all learners in Texas. These TEKS-aligned, coherent instructional materials will build mathematical fluency and a deep understanding needed to solve everyday problems. For both teachers and students, it will deliver joyful and inspiring aha moments, lesson after lesson, year after year.

TEA is also making available to all districts Eureka Math Equip TEKS Edition, which includes digital adaptive pre-module assessments and a suite of resources to address unfinished learning by giving students access to grade-level content while seamlessly bridging gaps in prerequisite knowledge.



Eureka Math Texas



PhD Science TEKS Edition

PhD Science TEKS Edition is being developed as a TEKS-aligned phenomenon-based program. In every module, students will explore authentic phenomena to build an enduring understanding of core science concepts through hands-on investigations and evidence-based learning. Distance learning materials will ensure that students can keep building knowledge, wherever learning takes place.


PhD Science Texas


The Great Minds Difference

Great Minds, known for high-quality instructional materials, open educational resources, and continuous learning, believes every child is capable of greatness. As part of our mission, we’re charting a path forward to ensure all students are set up for success.

More than 75 percent of Great Minds employees are current or former teachers, so when COVID-19 shut down schools, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. In response to school closures in the spring, Great Minds created Knowledge on the Go, a free series of over 1,500 video lessons taught by our team of teacher–experts that helped teachers and students finish the school year with fewer knowledge gaps. Now we’re creating Eureka Math TEKS Edition and PhD Science TEKS Edition because we know Texas teachers and students need access to high-quality instructional materials to support continuous instruction. 

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