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Eureka Math and PhD Science for Texas

In addition to offering free TEKS-aligned Eureka Math® and PhD Science® materials for Grades K–5, Great Minds® has a range of complementary TEKS-specific math and science resources for purchase. Designed to ensure teacher success with the curricula and to help students build knowledge, the resources include everything from print materials to assessments to live facilitator-led PD sessions. Explore the various options and benefits below, or schedule a call to learn more.

Eureka Math TEKS Edition


Print Materials

Great Minds® is your source for print editions of Eureka Math® TEKS Edition Grades K–5 instructional materials. Select from student workbooks, Teacher Editions, assessments, and fluency materials.

Teacher Editions

Our Teacher Editions are bound books with complete lesson plans, all the materials in the Student workbook, and answers to each problem and assessment item. Full-color cover and interior pages. Available in Spanish.

Student Materials

The Learn, Practice, and Succeed books allow teachers to differentiate instruction, provide extra practice, and assess student learning. The Learn and Practice books contain all the printed materials a student uses for core instruction.

Learn Book Practice Book Succeed Book

Application Problems

Problem Sets


Exit Tickets

Sprints and fluency exercises

Additional problems for homework

Homework Helpers






Eureka Math Affirm TEKS Edition

Eureka Math Affirm® TEKS Edition, our digital mid- and postmodule assessment tool, allows teachers to monitor student progress during and at the end of each module. It features instant scoring and reporting to help track student progress over time and also provides students with extra practice and preparation for standardized assessments.

  • Affirm has more than 225 assessments for Grades 1–5.
  • Topic quizzes and all assessments are fully aligned with the TEKS.
  • Assessment items cover Depth of Knowledge levels 1–3.
  • 80 percent of items are automatically scored.
  • Teachers can customize existing assessments and build new ones by using the Eureka Math Item Bank.

PhD Science TEKS Edition


Printed Science Logbooks

A place for students to make observations, generate ideas, ask questions, synthesize information, plan investigations, and apply their knowledge (available in English and Spanish)

Supporting Texts

Authentic, content-rich texts providing information about phenomena, scientific concepts, and the history of science

Materials Kits

Consumable and nonconsumable items for conducting hands-on investigations; designed for up to six groups per class

Assessment Packs

End-of-Module Assessments printed in full color to aid implementation and limit the need for photocopying (30 copies per pack)





Professional Development

We offer professional development with our Implementation Services team that educators can participate in before beginning to teach Eureka Math TEKS Edition or PhD Science TEKS Edition. Designed and led by our expert team of teacher–writers, sessions help participants prepare for and sustain successful implementation. 

In response to the pandemic, we now offer virtual PD—live, facilitator-led sessions inspired by the same learning design and goals as our in-person sessions and similarly tailored to teachers’ needs.

Great Minds - Virtual Professional Development

School and District Access

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