The Need For High-Quality Science Curriculum In Elementary School

Survey shows that teachers need more support for science


A recent survey of principals and teachers through the American Instructional Resources Survey conducted by RAND Corporation (see below) found that many teachers do not feel that they have enough time to teach science to their students, nor do they have adequate planning time to teach science to their students. We agree that teachers need more time to teach science, especially in elementary school. That’s why we released a new white paper about the need for both more instructional time and high-quality curricular materials during students’ elementary school years. 

Complete the form below for access our white paper on the need for high-quality science curriculum in elementary grade levels to learn more.


Indicate your agreement or disagreement with the following statements. (n = 1,465)
      Weighted Percentage  
    Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
I have enough classroom time to teach science to my students 28 24 31 17
I have enough planning time to prepare to teach science to my students 28 28 29 15
My students have adequate exposure to science content relative to ELA and mathematics 22 29 35 15
NOTE: all percentages were rounded to the nearest integer    


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