Accessible Rigor in K–5 Science

Building Enduring Knowledge with PhD Science®

Accessible Rigor in K–5 Science

Webinar Overview

Helping students build knowledge is at the core of all Great Minds curricula. With PhD Science we do this by inspiring students to wonder about the world and empowering them to make sense of it.  

And this fall, our Tier 1 science curriculum will be available for Levels K–5. 

Building knowledge starts with a coherent curriculum—but too often science in the early grades is covered through disparate activities instead of connected, knowledge-building lessons. That’s why we are making Levels K–2 of PhD Science available as an Open Education Resource. Schools can begin piloting the new levels of the program this fall. We invite you to learn more about the opportunity in our free session discussing accessible rigor in K–5 science.   

Participants will

    • learn how PhD Science supports the pedagogical shift in science teaching, 
    • discover how hands-on, phenomenon-based curriculum looks different for K–2 students than it does for 3–5 students, 
    • hear how our implementation support and professional development resources help teachers transition to facilitating student-driven lessons, and 
    • discover how students can continue building science knowledge even when learning can’t take place in the classroom.   


Isaac Stauffer

Regional Professional Development Manager
Great Minds

Isaac is a former 4th grade teacher with Thomas Edison Elementary in Skokie, IL. After piloting PhD Science and seeing the positive impact it had with his own students, Isaac joined Great Minds to help other teachers make the pedagogical shift to a student-driven classroom where teachers facilitate phenomenon-based lessons. 



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