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Using Benchmark Numbers to Make Easier Problems in Levels K–2

Using Benchmark Numbers to Make Easier Problems in Levels K-2

Rise To New Heights With Eureka Math2

Explore Eureka Math2 in greater detail with our mathematicians and teacher-writers as they walk through the program by specific grade bands. We hope you appreciate the intention and craft of Eureka Math2 so you can see how it will exceed your highest expectations for math teaching and learning. If you’ve been a part of our Eureka Math® community, we hope you hear your voice in Eureka Math2—and that you see your suggestions coming to life in every margin note, feature, and design choice.


What You'll Explore in This Session:

Join the Eureka Math2 curriculum developers for an exploration of lessons on benchmark numbers. Experience a coherent progression of models that lead to the use of simplifying strategies.

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