Anna Barnoski

Anna Barnoski lives near Fayetteville, N.C. where she resides with her husband and five teenage sons. Anna has worked in elementary schools for 16 years, traveling wherever the Army sends her family. These moves have afforded her the opportunity to experience an array of curricula while teaching and coaching various grade levels. She was a Grade 3 teacher when her most recent district adopted Wit & Wisdom four years ago. During Years 2 and 3 of implementation, Anna had the privilege of working as an Instructional Coach and supporting her school's teachers as they deeply internalized this curriculum and utilized the planning protocols. She currently works part-time providing professional development support to teachers across the country using Wit & Wisdom and Geodes, and the rest of her time with her family.

Anna Barnoski

Knowledge Building Can Be Fun

This month, we encouraged educators across the country to reflect on their transition to using the Wit & Wisdom® curriculum. Anna Barnoski, a...

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