Liz Manolis

Director of Implementation Success, Humanities

Liz was a New Hampshire public-school educator for 30 years, serving as a classroom teacher, Special Education teacher, and Literacy Coach. During her last few years in NH schools, she also worked part-time for Great Minds as the lead writer for Grade 4 Wit & Wisdom. When the curriculum was finished, she transitioned to lead the Professional Development team and supported districts with Wit & Wisdom implementation.

Now, she serves as the Director of the Humanities Department’s Implementation Success team. Liz leads a team of more than 100 educators who create and deliver professional learning opportunities including PD, coaching, and strategic planning sessions, to teachers and school leaders across the country. Liz is passionate about high-quality education for all children, especially when it helps all teachers, leaders, and students actualize their greatness.

Liz Manolis

Teaching Wit & Wisdom at a Distance

this month's focus

Many of the key elements of Wit & Wisdom ® translate well to distance learning, and through strategic planning and action, t...

Understanding Wit & Wisdom


Deep understanding of each module and the Wit & Wisdom approach will empower you to fully leverage the curriculum to foster students’...

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