Maia Merin

Maia Merin joined the Wit & Wisdom’s PD and Implementation Success team in January 2020. In her current role, she supports the preparation of a team of educators to deliver high quality professional learning for teachers of Wit & Wisdom. Prior to joining Great Minds, she served as the Director of Clinical Faculty at John Hopkins in its partnership with Urban Teachers, DC. At Johns Hopkins she was responsible for leading a team of teacher educators who were responsible for preparing novice teachers for the K-12 classroom. She has also served as the Program Director at the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education where she was responsible for designing and delivering engaging and rigorous professional learning for experienced teachers. She has dedicated her career to understanding and responding to the complex professional learning needs of teachers. She was a New York City public school teacher, graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in History, earned her Masters in Secondary Education from Brooklyn College and her PhD in Teaching and Learning from NYU.

Maia Merin

Reading Complex Texts in Wit & Wisdom


All Wit & Wisdom students engage in a transferable process—the Content Stages—to read grade-level texts so that all develop...

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