Tanisha Washington

Tanisha Washington is a Regional Director for the Humanities Implementation Success team at Great Minds®, where she shares her passion for helping educators use high-quality curriculum as a vehicle to raise their perceptions of what all students can do. Before joining Great Minds full-time, Tanisha was a public-school educator in DC for more than 15 years, during which she served as a classroom teacher and Assistant Principal and began her work with Great Minds as a Professional Development Fellow for Wit & Wisdom.

Tanisha Washington

Trusting in the Process: The Transition to High-Quality Curriculum

This Month’s Focus

The importance of high-quality curriculum is no secret. A 2015 study conducted by the Center for American Progress found that...

Speaking and Listening in Wit & Wisdom®


Speaking and listening are at the core of learning. As babies, we learn by listening. As we begin to speak, we quickly start to ask...

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