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Prioritized Instruction for the 2021–2022 Academic Year:
A Position Paper from the Great Minds® Humanities Team

At Great Minds, we believe all children deserve the opportunity to learn at the high levels needed to ensure their success in future endeavors. In English language arts, this means mastering the literacy knowledge and skills for effective communication—in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. It also means building content knowledge of the world to enable comprehension, expression, and critical thinking.

Many educators are returning to the classroom with concerns about unfinished instruction due to the COVID pandemic and disrupted school schedules during the past two academic years. Nationwide, educators may also be concerned that students will return with additional social-emotional learning needs and with possibly increasing gaps in achievement.

Fortunately, in English language arts, the task remains clear. Continuing to teach a rigorous English language arts program focusing on grade-level complex texts, knowledge-building, and integrated skills instruction best serves students. Although unfinished instruction is an elevated concern, pausing work with grade-level texts to teach standards in isolation will not accelerate students’ reading comprehension. We urge teachers to teach grade-level complex texts, content, and skills and provide needed supports for students so that they can work toward grade-level benchmarks while still engaging in rigorous study.

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