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Wit & Wisdom® Content Leader Training

BESE-Approved Leadership Training

Deepen your knowledge of Wit & Wisdom and learn how to support the implementation of this high-quality K–8 ELA curriculum in Louisiana schools.

At Great Minds® we believe that every child is capable of greatness. We bring teachers and scholars together to craft high-quality instructional materials that inspire joy in teaching and learning. Our ELA curriculum, Wit & Wisdom, is designed to help teachers facilitate learning and build students' background knowledge, vocabulary, and writing skills. 

Teachers in Louisiana can develop and share their  knowledge and skills by becoming certified Content Leaders. The Content Leader certification is also a step toward Louisiana's principal certification.

As a BESE-approved provider of ELA Content Leader training, in January 2021 we will begin training our second cohort of K–8 Content Leaders for Louisiana schools that use Wit & Wisdom

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We encourage applications from teachers, instructional coaches, and literacy/ELA curriculum specialists who have

  • experience using Wit & Wisdom as a primary ELA curriculum in their school or district (any Grade Levels K–8),
  • a passion for teaching Wit & Wisdom and a desire to expand their knowledge of the curriculum and how it supports student-driven learning,
  • the ability to foster productive struggle among colleagues and students, and
  • commitment to knowledge building.

What are the District Benefits of Content Leaders?

The Louisiana Department of Education created the Content Leader program to create a pathway for leadership for teachers while simultaneously recognizing the importance of content expertise among school leaders and teachers. With Content Leaders, districts can build internal capacity for professional development and support to promote student achievement and success in Louisiana.


Districts implementing Wit & Wisdom understand that curriculum alone does not lead to student achievement—teachers need support in the form of professional development and ongoing, onsite implementation support. Content Leaders develop their own expertise and that of other teachers through redelivery of Wit & Wisdom PD. They help ensure that teachers receive the implementation support they need to deepen their learning and develop strong ELA instructional practices, ultimately leading to student success. 

Upon completion of each Wit & Wisdom PD Session, participants will be given all the materials and facilitation guides needed to redeliver the session to the educators in your building or district. 

Additionally, Content Leaders will have extensive opportunities to develop a network of other Wit & Wisdom implementers, giving their school and district access to that network and the resulting additional support that network will provide. 

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Why Become an ELA Content Leader?

ELA Content Leaders will have an opportunity to

  • deepen their expertise of Wit & Wisdom while receiving training and coaching from Wit & Wisdom writers and facilitators to deliver PD sessions,
  • share experiences and best practices while broadening their perspective on English Language Arts education by collaborating with other Wit & Wisdom educators across Louisiana,
  • extend their professional learning networks with members of the Great Minds team and other ELA Content Leaders, and, 
  • take a step toward Louisiana's principal certification.
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What Are the Content Leader Training Requirements?

ELA Content Leaders will

  • attend at least 45 hours (90 percent) of in-person sessions
  • facilitate an in-person Wit & Wisdom PD session for their school or district, 
  • create and execute an implementation plan
  • be observed teaching in the classroom and facilitating professional development
  • complete all assigned self-study and assessment requirements, and
  • attend at least 80 percent of the webinars

Participants will receive

  • Wit & Wisdom full suit of professional development sessions training & materials for redelivery 
  • Monthly one on one check-ins for support with LACL Lead Facilitator  
  • Classroom & PD redelivery observations  
  • Guidance & support through drafts and feedback for assessment series 
Wit&Wisdom Checklist

How Do I Apply to Become a Content Leader?

Complete the application form and questions. 

As part of your application, please submit 

  • your resume, 
  • a cover letter, and 
  • a letter of recommendation from your current school ordistrict stating full support of your participation in the Content Leader training. 

Your application and resume should describe your 

  • experience teaching or leadingWit & Wisdom, 
  • experience delivering professional development, 
  • education, and 
  • related experience. 




Have questions or want to learn more?

Are you submitting plans to the Louisiana Department of Education for funding to join our next ELA Content Leader cohort? Let us know.

If you have any questions, contact us.