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Our goal as math teachers is to support all students on their path to success. Assessments should provide information that guides how we build this support for students. But too often in my own classroom, assessments take away from instructional time without giving me enough in return. Some assessments don’t ask the right questions or provide sufficient context to accurately gauge student understanding. Other assessments fail to organize the data in a useful format. Affirm, the Eureka Math® digital assessment and practice tool, meets teachers’ assessment needs and empowers them by providing an efficient means to assess progress, accommodate student needs, and analyze data. 

Assess: Make It Your Own  

Affirm contains Topic Quizzes, Mid-Module Assessments, and End-of-Module Assessments for Grade 1 through Precalculus. You can use these assessments as they are, but the platform also lets you modify them and even create new ones. When modifying or creating assessments, you can filter questions to quickly find those that meet the specific needs of your students. You can measure skills and standards progress by using modified and created assessments that help inform, rather than interrupt, instruction. And because you select relevant assessment items from a bank of vetted questions created by Eureka Math curriculum writers, you know the questions are of the highest quality and aligned with Eureka Math lessons. Learn more about how to use Affirm in the Great Minds Help Center 

Accommodate: Take Advantage of Accessibility Features 

Eureka Math Affirm further supports student success by offering accessibility features in the platform. For example, you can assign any assessment in both English and Spanish. You can also provide students with in-assessment calculators and a text-to-speech option. Additionally, students can adjust the font size and on-screen color scheme to meet their visual needs. 

Digital assessments are a powerful tool, but some students may need to work without a screen. For this reason, all Affirm assessments are printable. After students complete the pencil-and-paper work, you can enter their responses in Affirm to easily compile all the data in one place. This also allows for computer scoring of items.   

Analyze: Rely on Reports 

Data by itself is not powerful. What is powerful is what we do with the data. Affirm data reports make it easier for you to analyze student data, noting trends for your classes and students, areas for further focus, and points of success. Affirm offers three data report structures to meet all data analysis needs.  

The Standards Report tracks performance on specific standards. You can filter this report to show compiled data from all assessments for a big-picture view of student achievement. Data can be organized by standard, cluster, or domain. Use the Standards Report to identify standards that need additional attention. Then use the links in the Eureka Math Navigator to identify opportunities to correct misconceptions and address needs. Learn more about the Eureka Math Digital Suite and Eureka Math Navigator here 

Affirm #1

The Assessment Report lets you look more closely at student performance on a particular assessment. This report provides information on average score and performance by item as well as a quick overview of individual student performance by item. Use this report to analyze student progress with recent learning and to note any question types or topics that might need to be addressed further.

Affirm #2

The Individual Student Report is a deep dive into a specific student’s performance. It includes a quick comparison of the student’s score on each assessment as well as their performance on assessed standards compared with the class average. This report lets you review specific student responses for any completed assessments. Use this report to prepare for student progress meetings and to determine where individual students need support.

Affirm #3Affirm is the best assessment tool for Eureka Math teachers. The assessments, data analysis, and student progress tracking let you meet the needs of your students and celebrate their growth.

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