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“Science education should start early, and it should be comprehensive. Texas recognizes that students need coherent instruction that builds knowledge from lesson to lesson to develop deep scientific understanding. PhD Science TEKS Edition will deliver what the state is seeking to help students act as scientists to observe, model, investigate, and understand the world around them.”

—Pam Goodner, Chief Academic Officer, Science





Great Minds PhD Science TEKS Edition

Overview of PhD Science TEKS Edition


PhD Science® is a phenomenon-based program in which teachers facilitate the learning, but students own it. In every module, students  explore authentic phenomena to build an enduring understanding of core science concepts through hands-on investigations and evidence-based learning. And now it is being adapted to align with the TEKS and, in partnership with TEA through its Texas Home Learning initiative, will be available as an open education resource for all schools and districts in the state. 


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Throughout each module, students engage in the 5E/7E (Engage, Elicit, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Extend, Evaluate) learning instructional model to make sense of and explain authentic phenomena—observable events that can be explained or predicted through scientific understanding. They begin each module by generating questions and developing an initial explanation of the anchor phenomenon. Then students investigate various supporting phenomena to better understand the anchor phenomenon. Students periodically return to the anchor phenomenon to revise their explanation by applying evidence gathered through their investigations and data analysis. At the end of the module, students participate in a Socratic Seminar to reflect on the conceptual understanding they have developed and used to explain multiple phenomena. Students transfer that knowledge to explain a new phenomenon in the End-of-Module Assessment.

Student curiosity hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic. That’s why our team of teacher–writers are taking the same science concepts covered in PhD Science TEKS Edition and creating an innovative continuous learning program to continue rich science education from anywhere. PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition is being designed to meet the moment and meet the needs of students when they can't be in the classroom.

PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition complements the in-class curriculum so that students can keep building knowledge in any educational landscape. For example, students can fully participate in a hands-on science experiment in the classroom one day and finish a subsequent at-home lesson the next. They can complete lessons with only pencil and paper at home, use a blended offline and online hybrid model, or work entirely online. With PhD Science TEKS Edition and our continuous learning resources available through in Sync, teachers and students can toggle seamlessly between the classroom and the living room.

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PhD Science TEKS Edition lessons and investigations are being adapted to meet the needs of a virtual learning environment, including read alouds of supporting texts for a module—available as part of PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition. The videos are available in English and Spanish. After each video students will complete lesson-specific tasks in their Science Journals.

Watch the Weather and Climate Lesson 1b video to see the student experience for continuous learning.

Program Materials and Supports

For Teachers

Digital Teacher Edition
A PDF resource that allows teachers to explore the full lesson and provides resources to help them understand the context of the lesson, lesson set, and module

Learn Anywhere Plan
A pacing guide for daily lessons to help teachers guide student learning in class or at home

Science Journal Support
Sample student responses to Science Journal tasks to help teachers gauge student understanding

PhD Projected
Slides with lesson-specific content for online and in-class instruction and discussion with students

PhD Science Admin and Teachers

For Students

(available in English and Spanish)

Module Level Welcome Video
A brief orientation, introducing students to the module topic and the Great Minds® teacher

Daily Video Lessons
Lessons and investigations adapted to a virtual environment in video form, including read alouds of the carefully curated supporting texts selected for each module

Science Journal
Fillable PDFs focused on the lesson’s essential learning that include activities and questions for students to complete during or after each video; printable for students without internet access

Science Logbook
Fillable PDFs students use to record observations, answer questions, process ideas and concepts, synthesize information, and plan investigations

Family Tip Sheet 
An overview of the curriculum so families can support students at home


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Our Implementation Foundations Series consists of three 90-minute sessions for educators and leaders who will facilitate and support the use of PhD Science TEKS Edition. 



The Getting Started video is for educators who are reviewing or planning to use PhD Science TEKS Edition.